During Covid-19, companies are craving new ways to connect with their clients and team members. A corporate Virtual Wine Tasting is a great way to boost camaraderie and entertain your people. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about your favorite elixir along the way. Just think of all the interesting conversations you’ve had over a beautiful glass of wine in the past. Wine truly unites us in so many ways. Well, wonderful, handcrafted wine, combined with enlightening wine education, will make sipping more fun and fascinating. A corporate virtual tasting conducted by Peggy and Brian Dean is more fun than an ordinary webinar or online event. Because the Deans are entertaining and fun-loving hosts. And, you will get to engage with the Sommelier and indulge your curiosity. There’s plenty of interaction and even a few trivia breaks along the way. Book a corporate virtual wine tasting with Peggy and Brian, and your group will have everything it needs for an enjoyable and memorable evening. They have conducted corporate wine events for commercial real estate companies, insurance brokers and financial industry firms. They have even conducted tastings on Zoom for private clubs and family reunions, too. Peggy and Brian take the snobbery out of wine and make learning accessible to anyone with a curious mind and a thirsty palate. They will make your event educational and entertaining with a fun-loving style and a down-to-earth approach. The wines they proudly represent are all handcrafted with sustainable farming and organic fruit. This is rarity in the wine world in today’s chemical laden, mass-produced wine industry. So, you can feel confident that the wine you’re offering to your group will taste great and is made with the highest quality standards. Best of all, Peggy and Brian will help you choose a wine flight to suit your palate and budget. Contact them now to book your company’s virtual wine tasting online. To learn more about their services, visit Joiedevin.net. To browse their wine selections, visit their online wine shoppe. Santé!

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